Semester Break TBR + Update

HELLO MY DEAR FRIENDS~~~! Did you miss me? Well, I surely miss my spare time haha! But I’m currently in my exam week (just finished a massive exam actually), and I thought what the heck not write a blog post about what I’m gonna read after exams are over? So here we are! I mean, I can use this for a break as well as keep my eyes on the positive things in life.

First of all, I really gotta catch up on my reviewing… I love publishers and (I assume) they like me enough to send me lots of books that I’m dying to read! I’ll dish them out now and you can tell me if you have read these too!!! (they are not in order btw, but just some books that I really do want to read:

  • Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman


Ok, I’ve been wanting to read this as soon as I finished Scythe (book 1 of the series). Scythe was so original, an an absolute pleasure to read and I love the format and the authentic voices that are our MCs – Citra and Rowan. I can’t wait to see how things go in the sequel and I AM SO KEEN. A massive thank you to the team at Walker Books Australia for sending me a review copy! (to buy: click here)

  • Allied by Amy Tintera


After that ending in Avenged (book 2), OH BOY I NEED ANSWERS AND CLOSURE!!!! One of my best friends has read it and she said I’m in for a treat… y’alllllll I am just so ready!!! I can’t say much about what I look forward to most, because who likes spoilers these days. Thank you to Allen & Unwin for sending me a gorgeous copy!  (to buy: click here)

  • Five Years From Now by Paige Toon


(This one isn’t a sequel y’all) – ‘Tender, heartbreaking and magical’ – yup, sounds like something I need after my traumatic exam experience. I was sent this book a while back by the awesome team at Penguin Random House Australia (I love these guys so much especially Emily the awesome publicist!!!) – I’ve never read anything by Toon and I was enraptured by the idea of expanding my reading area to ‘not-just-YA’, and so I checked out the synopsis… and BAMB… I read it, I know for ceRTAIN that I’m gonna cry reading this book and it will haunt me (in a good way I hope?). I am definitely gonna review this one in detail and I can’t wait to tell you guys what I think of it! (to buy: click here)

  • Hero At the Fall by Alwyn Hamilton


Okay, this is another sequel (soz fam) – and although it has been ages since I’ve read book 2 (Traitor to the Throne), I’ll do fine if I refresh myself just by reading the wiki summary before diving fully into this gem. BUT HEY AT LEAST I’LL GET TO FINISH ANOTHER TRILOGY —- IT’S SO SATISFYING WHEN I DO THAT, it just feels super good. Anyone feels the same with me? (to buy: click here)

  • Simon VS The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli


I’ve been wanting to read this FOR YEARS but simply never gotten around to it (I blame myself entirely)… But after holding on for so long WITHOUT WATCHING THE MOVIE SIMPLY BECAUSE I WANT TO READ THE BOOK FIRST AND NOW I AM DYING TO WATCH THE MOVIE —- SOLUTION? I WILL READ THIS BOOK STAT! I’ve only heard good things about this book and how important the message is to the world. I AM SO DOWN. If you have read it and have watched the movie – how do you compare the two? (to buy: click here)

I think that’s the top 5 (on my overly-stuffed brain) right now, I probs would want to read some other stuff in between BUT WHO KNOWS because I can be moody with my reading sometimes and neglect my TBR (which is always???) BUT TELL ME IF YOU HAVE READ THESE AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF THEM!!!! (no spoilers tho!)


Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 6.09.03 pm

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And now the fun bit about the life update that no one asked for but I’m writing it anyway. I really just want to put my thoughts into words so I can get it out – and I totally get it if you don’t read the rest! (BBBBye! and until next time!)


I hate exams, I’m suffering from a random skin allergic reaction on my face right now and I feel awful (ironic because I’ve studied inflammation, infection and allergies for 5 months straight), I still have 2 more exams do to, I am currently really not liking the person that medicine is making me to be. I have become rude to people, even to my own friends and family, I have outbursts of emotions for no reasons, I am beginning to hate the whole ordeal of cancer research (which confuses me), I am neglecting so many other things in life, I’m constantly sad (I don’t look it which is a good thing), I don’t really enjoy anything that I do anymore (other than the times when I meet up with my Church friends), I don’t have time to read, to draw, to play music, to learn stuff I like learning, to visit the pretty parks and beaches (that’s a 10 minute drive away), I don’t even enjoy food anymore, and I don’t know if I can do this for the rest of my life. I get it that medicine is hard and it’s gonna change who I am for the better (?), but if I’m constantly feeling this way, would I be okay?

I think this semester has taken a heavy toll on me, and once my exams are over (in 2 days time) – I’m gonna spend my entire break doing things I love and focus on healing. I’ll be visiting coffee shops that I’ve never visited in my town, go try out film/ creative photography, visit the waterfalls, get back into baking treats, meet up with my church friends more often and keep in touch with my pals across the world, take photos for bookstagram – and just being me.

I think part of my problem is that I’ve lost my drive to do things. I use to be so motivated to get into med school and become the best student in class. I don’t have that drive anymore, probs never will again, I do study a lot (because who wants history to repeat itself?). I also cry a lot. One might say I have anxiety issues, which I don’t think I do, but who knows? I know that I’m not depressed because I have a loving family and awesome friends and I do love my life!

But most of the time I just think so low of myself – more like a burden to everyone and I always avoid reaching out, I have tried (I mean I always have been the person who contact people first. and ask how they’re going and stuff), but I just think that no body really has time for me, maybe other than my mum (and sometimes my sibling). I still feel like that most of the time. And another thing is that I have made some good friends this year but they are going to leave for another campus in another town next year, and I have made friends from last year which I don’t talk to anymore today. People are so unpredictable, myself included, I don’t know but maybe it’s bound to happen. I just hope I can get better at making myself to not care as much as I do. I always put in my all in everything I do, and feeling like this all the time has made me contemplate otherwise. But how does one do that?

Okay, I’m just typing jargon now in one of the study rooms at the med school. I really should get back to studying for the exam tomorrow… But if you have read this all, I want to thank you – you are a very caring and compassionate person, and I am glad that you took your time to read these paragraphs of my thoughts. You rock and stay awesome.



One thought on “Semester Break TBR + Update

  1. Yeay a new blog post of yours! I am really looking forward to your reviews once your exams are over. ☄ And I hope you feel better once the stress is over and you have more free time. Don’t worry about it too much!


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