Book Review: Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff (spoiler-free)

32055872A massive thank you to the team at Harper Collins for sending me a review copy of Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff! Even since I finished Nevernight a few months ago – I desperately wanted to get my hands on Godsgrave asap, and let me tell you that this sequel was SO WORTH THE WAIT!!!!

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Publication Date: 5 Sep 2017
Publisher: Harper Collins
Genre: High Fantasy, Young Adult/ Adult, Romance
To buy: Book Depository , Booktopia, Angus & Robertson

“The Heavens grant us only one life, but through books, we live a thousand.”

After dwelling/drowning/dying in my pool of overwhelming emotions for nearly a week plus, I finally hauled myself up from said sloppy mess with the hopes to somehow conjure a somewhat coherent review that may or may not involve actual blood and tears. But then again, I’ve been staring at a blank page for more than an hour and I’ve got nothin’ written – so gentlefriends – what you’re about to read now took bloody effort to write just FYI, and you’re welcome.

For those of you who haven’t read Nevernight well, you should, this review will very likely make zero sense to you and will be filled with minor spoilers from the first book. So if you haven’t read it, go read the first one I beg you and come back to this review after you’re done. If you have indeed read book 1 but didn’t end up enjoying it, or if you’re just here for the review plus minor spoilers plus whatever else you’re here for, help yourself and read on to find out more about book 2!

Now the boring shit is out of the way, time for the actual review.

“In every breath, hope abides.”

At the beginning chapter, we’re blessed by Jay Kristoff’s magnificent introduction to the distinct smell of corpses, like starting from the very first sentence, a classic Kristoff move. And then we’re met by a slave trafficking crew led by a Dweymeri Woman named Teardrinker, and our heroine Mia Epic Corvere – aka destroyer of empires, Blade of Our Lady Blessed Murder, girl with a story to tell, pal of a non-cat and a non-wolf – swoooshed into our story with this crazy plan of hers which will be unfolded as the book continues. Let’s just say the book started with a real fucking bang, sounds so cliche, but hey this book is anything but cliche.

I won’t be saying much about how and why Corvere came to defy the Red Church (even tho it’s quite predictable if you think on it), but I’ll let you know just how epic and why everyone should grab Godsgrave and start it today.

Since it’s literally written in the actual synopsis, we know that Mia sells herself into slavery for a reason (aka to “fulfil the promise she made on the day she lost everything”). She went into the fleshmonger pit with the hopes to impress and be sold to Sanguila Leonides, owner of a well-known collegium, an esteemed sort of ‘fight club’ I suppose if you prefer an easier term. But instead she was bought by Leonides’ daughter, Leona, which was NOT part of Mia’s plan. And so she was shipped off to her new Domina’s estate, which just happened to be her beloved childhood vacation home – the Crow’s Nest. I nearly cried because imagine going to your own home which has been taken away from you and you have to be a slave for the house, just image, my heart.

Mia went through so much within the walls of the collegium, she made new allies and rivals. Secrets unfolded. Bonds strengthened. Love blossomed. As much as Mia hates to be growing more and more attached to her new ‘familia’, she knows one thing is certain:

“All of them are only a means to an end.”

So words of advice, don’t grow attached to anyone or anything, no body deserves to go through such pain.

23635025._SY540_Artwork by Phantomrin

Worldbuilding and Writing: FUCKING PERFECT. What more can I say? Like, everything is written in brilliant details, down to the most important miniature things, Kristoff has got’em sorted out. You might think: well if it’s that detailed, it must be hard to read and heavy in content. Technically, this book can be a bit hard to read if you aren’t used to Kristoff’s witty writing, or if you’re like me and had to pick up the dictionary a couple of times, but believe it or not – this book is edited to perfection, no fluff whatsoever. The writing is succinct, yet luscious and rich in stunning details.

Characters: OH MY GOSH. OMGGGGGGGGG. I’m gonna talk about Corvere first. She has grown so much between the end of Nevernight to the end of bloody Godsgrave. She’s still hilarious, burning at the core and filled-to-the-brim with the idea to revenge her familia. BUT I WAS NOT EXPECTING THE ENDING AND PLOT TWISTS OMFGGGGGG. I’m just gonna stop typing ‘cause I need a minute… ok I’m back… BUT UUUUGHHHHH I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT. And I think it’s been floating around in GR and Bookstagram quite a bit about a f/f relationship, so there’s that *wriggle eyebrows*. And you would also meet Ashlinn at the beginning, aka blonde pretty face who kinda tried bringing down the Red Church but kinda failed thanks to almighty Corvere. There are so many new characters introduced and I’ll leave you to find out who they are and I think it’s a great and diverse cast! Again pls don’t grow too attached to anyone because y’all know what Jay Kristoff is like and what happened at the end of Nevernight.

All in all: Godsgrave is the perfect sequel: the story unfolded with so much suspense and heart-stopping twists, yet it didn’t leave me bored at any stage with the amount of information being withheld. YOU WOULD NOT BE EXPECTING THE ENDING CHAPTERS HOLY SHIT JUST BE PREPARED TO BE MIND-BLOWN MY FRIEND.

Side note: I would love to discuss more about the plot and theories so feel free to DM me on Goodreads or on Bookstagram.

IF ANYONE WANNA DISCUSS THE FOLLOWING I’M YOUR PAL!!!!!! It’s plot crucial and definitely has to do with Book 3 so…

“The many were one. And will be again; one beneath the three, to raise the four, free the first, blind the second and the third”

Wings out.


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