#TheRavenSaints Bookstagram Challenge

G’day folks! I am SO THRILLED to be announcing that I’ll be co-hosting a RAVEN CYCLE-THEMED bookstagram challenge in the month of October! With Maggie Stiefvater dropping her new novel All the Crooked Saints on October 10, Tiffany (@biblionatic), Tati (@lavidaenquotes) and I teamed up and created #TheRavenSaints challenge! The prompts are inspired by characters, cars, events and settings in the series. In this post, I’ll be describing the prompts in more details so that you know what they are about, and some important housekeeping stuff to be mindful of when posting! So keep reading if you’re keen!


Day 1. Gansey’s Journal: Planning Ahead (TBR)
We start the challenge with the TRB prompt inspired by fan my-favourite – Gansey boy. You can post the books you’re planing to read in the month of October, or you can post a list on a notebook (Gansey-hipster-style) – so be as creative as you want!

Day 2. Ley Lines: #MapMonday
Who doesn’t love a pretty bookish map? You can share your favourite bookish map or maps of multiple books!!! Ley Lines are a huge deal in The Raven Boys, it’s a source of energy, magic and it’s what brought the gang together in the first place so it’s very special!

Day 3: Blue’s Greens: Short Book with a Punch
On day number three, of course we’ll have a prompt inspired by my favourite gal Blue Sargent! (Inspired by the Jesse Dittley scene in Blue Lily Lily Blue) Ever read a book (or a few) that isn’t that long (it’s really your own definition of long books here), but the story really delivers? And left you with heaps of feels?

Day 4: 300 Fox Way: Favourite Fictional Family
Do you have a favourite family in literature? I love this prompt because the ladies in 300 Fox Way in The Raven Cycle are FAMILY, perhaps not by blood (other than Blue and Maura, her mother), they are so tight knit that they might as well be!

Day 5:  Ronan’s Dream: Dreamy Atmosphere
Inspired by one of Maggie Stiefvater’s finest, and most complex character – Ronan freaking Lynch aka my favourite cinnamon roll that looks like he’s gonna end you if you look his way. In this prompt, we want to see your take on book/s with dreamy, eerie and mysterious settings/scenes/writing!

Day 6: Gansey’s Pig: Old/ Defaced Books
Richard Gansey III drives an unnaturally-bright-orange (aka the legend-that-breaks-down-at-the-most-appropriate-times) 1973 Chevrolet Camaro. It’s old, it’s rusty, but our boy Gansey adore his car with the grandest passion. (I told my dad I wanted an orange car after finishing the series, but no luck.) Show off your old books, defaced books or even black-out poetry!

Day 7: Adam’s Coca-Cola Shirt: Character Recognisable by Their Clothing
There are quite a few characters who I can name on top of my head who are recognisable by their unique clothing! We have Adam with his Coca-Cola shirt, Gansey and his ridiculously colourful polo shirts, Blue’s handmade clothes and so on.

Day 8: The Trees Speak Latin: Book in Your First Language
This one is quite simple. We would love to see the book/s written in your first language! And listen carefully to the trees while you’re at it.

Day 9: Noah’s Bruise: Characters Who Deserved Better
IT IS IMPORTANT TO PUT SPOILER WARNINGS AT THE BEGINNING OF YOUR POST IF IT CONTAINS A SPOILER!!!!!! PLEASE! It could be about a character not ending up the way you wish they did or failure to win/conquer such and such or they simply deserve a better chance or more attention in the book or perhaps you JUST WANT MORE OF THEM. If you’ve read The Raven King, you would feel me about Noah.

Day 10: All the Crooked Saints: Most Anticipated 2018 Release
On this day we would love to see your copies of Maggie’s new title: All the Crooked Saints! And it’s ok if you don’t have the physical book (because I doubt mine would arrive on time *sigh*), because if that’s the case, we would love to hear what titles you are most excited for next year!

Day 11: Henry’s Toga Party: Time to Party!
Favourite party scenes? Favourite party host? Confetti *cough* glitter *cough* confetti everyyyyywhere! Use your creativity on this one! Cake, party poppers, streamers you name it! I absolutely adore the Toga Party scene in The Raven King, the feels.

Day 12: Henrietta: A Fact About Your Hometown
This one is quite a free-style prompt, you can showoff unique aspects or literature work of your hometown/ country! And tell us about it!

Day 13: St. Mark’s Eve: Character You’d Bring Back to Life (Friday the 13th)
IT IS IMPORTANT TO PUT SPOILER WARNINGS AT THE BEGINNING OF YOUR POST IF IT CONTAINS A SPOILER!!!!!! This one is quite straight forward – but please put spoiler warnings! We decided to make this prompt because this night is one of the most important scenes of The Raven Cycle (it happens on the very first page and it’s what drives the plot so…) – and it’s Friday the 13th!

Day 14: Ronan’s BMW: Black Books
Ronan drives a sexy shot black BMW, and is known to speed and street race. We wanna see your beautiful black books! They could be black naked books, black spray-pages, black covers. Ronan’s BWM means so much to him, so feel free to show off your favourite black books that means heaps to you!

Day 15: Kavinsky’s Dragon: Here be Dragons
Books about dragons anyone? Or book covers with dragons? YAS! We’re so excited to see your take on this prompt! Joseph Kavinsky is a crucial character in The Dream Thieves (book 2), and deep down I admire his fierce attitude towards all things in life – just like a dragon.

Day 16: Aglionby: Favourite Fictional School
This one is so straight forward guys, we look forward to see your pick! Why can’t med school be as exciting as fictional schools, WHY?

Day 17: Maura’s Tarot Cards: Favourite Book Mum
Maura, aka Blue’s mother, is one of the coolest mums in YA ever. She’s chill, she lets Blue to decide things for herself, she is protective and makes a very mean cup of tea. Even the confident-AF Gansey boy is a tad bit intimidated by her. Good on’ya Maura!

Day 18: Adam’s Hondayota: Books You’d Like to See a Mashup of
This is the dream for a lot of us book dragons. For those who’ve read Throne of Glass And Grisha Trilogy: imagine seeing the sass and banters between Aelin and Nikolai. There are so many more! We are SUPER excited to see you guys’ take on this prompt! Be as creative as you want!

Day 19: Calla’s Eyebrows: Character You Wouldn’t Mess With
When a character’s eyebrows are on fleek, you really wouldn’t want to mess with them, like please don’t mess with Calla unless you wanna die from a single glare – it won’t look good on your death cert. This prompt will surely be awesome to do! (because I already have a few in mind hehe!)

Day 20: Cabeswater: Book in the Wild
Be as scenic, be as aesthetic, be as ‘anything-as-you-want’ in this prompt! Cabeswater is my favourite fictional place ever, and my love for this mystical, magical and spellbindingly-beautiful forest is endless. Be sure to listen to the trees while you’re at it!

Day 21: Persephone’s Hair: Character in the Clouds
Persephone is one of the loveliest ladies at 300 Fox Way. She’s a bit dreamy, and appears to float in the clouds all the time, and gives off a soothing flowery vibe. I already have that character in mind, do you?

Day 22: Noah’s Mustang: Red Books
Show off your gorgeous red books!!!

Day 23: The Gray Man: Villain to Hero
IT IS IMPORTANT TO PUT SPOILER WARNINGS AT THE BEGINNING OF YOUR POST IF IT CONTAINS A SPOILER!!!!!! The Gray Man is great, whenever I read his chapters, I almost always burst out laughing! Then again, be mindful of spoilers – and warn your followers! The Gray Man is one charming lad, so no wonder the ladies at Fox Way wanna read his Tarots!

Day 24: Monmouth Manufacturing: Choose Your Fictional Roommates
Ever imagine bunking/rooming with the character/s that you wish could be your bestie in real life? I surely have, probably a bit too much. This is one of my favourite prompts of this challenge! Monmouth Manufacturing is a warehouse where the boys live, I would be lying to you if I say I don’t wanna move in if offered. (though I am pretty certain I’ll trip over Gansey’s miniature Henrietta model (made of cereal boxes) multiple times at night while grabbing juice in the kitchen and I’ll be evicted.)

Day 25: Never Scrying Dish: Looking In The Mirror
There are two ways you can go with this prompt: number 1) you can take a photo with a book in the mirror or take a photo of the mirror showing a book you get what I mean. number 2) book with a character that you see yourself in/ a character that reflects you – this is a deeper take on the prompt I guess. So feel free to choose and be creative!

Day 26: The Barns: Book With Animals
Exotic birds, angry crocodiles, flying penguins – ok that’s a bit too far. It could be about animals, or books with animal side kicks, books with animal symbolism, books with animals on cover! Use your imagination!

Day 27: Kavinsky’s Mitsubishi: Multiple Copies of the Same Book
Kavinsky and his Mitsuuuus. Let’s be honest here, if you don’t own more than one copy/edition of your favourite book, is it even your favourite book? (Oh back to my story, so instead of a orange car, dad got me a white Mitsubishi and all in truths I had absolute zero input in my dad’s decision – coincident? I think not.)

Day 28: Under the Stars: Best Romantic Scene Without Kissing
THIS SCENE!!!!! My fragile heart. Scenes without kissing can be as romantic as the ones with kissing – sometimes better! I usually dig for romance subplots in books, and I don’t know how the heck Maggie did it but she NAILED the slow-burn romance – and set the bar a bit too high for me.

Day 29: Nino’s Iced Tea: Refreshing Reads
Gansey: Why is the tea so good here?” Blue: “I spit in it.” THE SASS IN THIS SCENE OML. Whenever I think of ‘refreshing’, I think about a cold drink on a summer day – so we would love to see your take on your version of a refreshing read! A contemporary? A thriller? Or something else? We’d love to know!

Day 30: Make Way For The Raven King: Wrap-up
Wrap-up will be on this day, because we have greater things coming up for 31st! Tell us how you went with your reading this month! Your favourite reads, hauls – go for it!

Day 31; Inside the Tree: Books That Gave You Chills (Halloween)
The scene ‘Inside the Tree’ in The Raven Boys is again a HUGE deal probs the biggest (if you’ve read the series you would know what I mean) – dish out the books that left you haunted for dayyys/months/years! And finish the challenge with a BANG! And enjoy Halloween!

Furthermore, we have two versions of the challenge picture so here’s the one that’s featured on Tiffany’s feed:

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

And that’s it folks! We really hope you would join us on this challenge that we poured our hearts in to write.  Be sure to use the hashtag #TheRavenSaints so that we can see your photos!!! Spread the word! And we hope you have fun and enjoy this challenge!ravencycle__span

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