Blog Tour: Take Three Girls by Cath Crowley, Simone Howell, Fiona Wood

9781742612744Hello there lovelies!!!! 

Today I will be sharing my thoughts on the hottest collab of the year  – TAKE THREE GIRLS written by Fiona Wood, Cath Crowley and Simmone Howell. This is a fantabulous #LoveOzYA collaboration between three award-winning Australian authors. Thanks to Pan MacMillan, I was given the phenomenal opportunity to participate in my first blog tour EVER! Without further ado, let’s just get on with the review!


Kate, a quiet boarder, making some risky choices to pursue the experimental music she loves.

Clem, shrugging off her old swim-team persona, exploring her first sexual relationship, and trying to keep her annoying twin, Iris, at arm’s length.

Ady, grappling with a chaotic family, and wondering who her real friends are; she’s not the confident A-lister she appears to be.

When St Hilda’s establishes a Year 10 Wellness Program in response to the era of cyber-bullying, the three girls are thrown together and an unlikely friendship is sparked. One thing they have in common: each is targeted by PSST, a site devoted to gossip and slander that must have a source within St Hilda’s.

Who can you trust when rumour is the new truth?

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Publication Date:  27 Jun 2017
Publisher: Pan MacMillan
RRP: $18.99 AUD
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Fiction
To Buy: Booktopia

I loved so many things about this book: the setting, the characters, the formatting, the writing and the way the authors cleverly tackled some of the toughest themes in modern YA lit.

The Setting. Melbourne, Victoria, my FAVOURITE city on earth. (The mentions of specific streets and parts of the city made me want to fly back asap). One of the best thing about a YA book set in Australia – is that I can TOTALLY dive into the story and be like ‘wow, I know exactly how that feels!’ or ‘oh my gosh this is so me!’. I love the slangs, the authenticity and everything in between: jumper instead of sweat/er, ‘mum’ instead of ‘mom’, nicknaming private schools (I can relate 100%) and the list goes on.

The Characters. Prior to starting the book, I was afraid that 3 POV would drive me nuts. But ALAS, I enjoyed them tremendously! Kate is a boarder, like Clem, while Ady is a day girl. All the girls’ character arcs were well-polished, multi-faceted and were explored in great depth. I told myself I was not gonna pick a favourite but of course I lied I enjoyed reading Kate’s POV the most. Our talented girl Kate, is gifted cellist and does well in school. Kate left her country Victorian home to study on board in hopes of scoring a scholarship so she can study medicine (oh hey I study that). I guess I relate to her the most which is why I enjoyed her POV the most. Each of the girls are unique in their own little ways, and I love how they don’t fit into the stereotypes which they appear to fit into (I don’t know what technique this is called but it’s brilliant!). There’s depth in each character and many of their internal conflicts were explored as the story unfolds. All in all, the character development was top notch!

The Formatting. The novel included multiple POV (as previously mentioned), as well as multi-media-styled formats. Such as the wellness homework task, journal entries and emails. This is a growing trend in contemporary and sci-fi novels (yes I’m talking about the Illuminae Files, go read them if you haven’t already), and it’s a trend that I LOVE as long as it is purposeful and ‘not-overboard’. In the case of this novel – it worked wonderfully!

The Writing. The writing was well-paced (not too fast, not too slow, perhaps just a lil’ bit slow at the beginning), it was also articulated and impressive, considering it’s weaved together seamlessly from the work of THREE authors!

The Themes. The story takes on the themes of bullying (i.e. fat-shaming, slut-shaming etc.), feminism, sexism, addiction, sexuality, friendship, and romantic relationships – these are sensitive themes and the authors tackled them so well in a way that it made me reflect on my own year 10 experience. I have high respect for authors who have the ability to write said issues out in words because it’s so difficult for people to even talk about these problems! Numerous social issues were boldly portrayed and they are so relevant to teens in this day and age, so I highly recommend teens and parents with teenage children picking this one up.


Some other elements that I absolutely LOVED was the inclusion of pop culture references, one can never go wrong with them! Also: the fact that you can form strong friendships with people who are different from you, AND you never know what’s hiding behind a person’s smile and laugh unless they tell you – so it’s so important to educate young people today to not judge, criticise and bitch about things purely based on speculations. Because that shit hurts and you never know if it’ll come back and bite you when you least expect it to. So yeah, this book is powerful in delivering said messages. I do have to point out however, that the book is bit on the chunky side, but I still enjoyed the details and story flow.

All in all, Take Three Girls is a fun and heart-warming story with important messages. It gave me new insights on problems that are affecting teens right now, right here. The characters were awesome, loved the setting and I just have to mention this ok – it has a stunning cover!!!!!!! It is a brilliantly crafted novel – so make sure to pick up a copy when the book arrives at your local bookstore/ library and support these three lovely Aussie ladies!

Have you read Take Three Girls? What are your thoughts on it? If not, be sure to add it to your TBR! And don’t forget to check out other blogs that are participating in the Take Three Girls Blog Tour! 

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