The Aesthetically Pleasing Book Tag

Hey guys! It’s time for another book tag! I’ve been at an awful slump for the past few weeks – but don’t worry – I’ve started Nevernight and I hope that will bring me out of it! In the mean time, I’m gonna have a crack at The Aesthetically Pleasing Book Tag!

This tag was created by Book Syrup on Youtube, and you can find the original video here!

1. Best color combo on a book cover

Not gonna lie, I ain’t the biggest fan on pink/purplish colours, but the Firebird Trilogy by Claudia Gray totally SLAYED it with the watercolour artwork!!! All three covers look stunning with elements of different cities and gorgeous landscapes (they are crucial elements of the actual books too!).


2. Best typography/font on a book cover

I love the font of Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo! This book and its sequel Crooked Kingdom are both fantastic fantasy books and I highly recommend them!


3. Best simple cover

I actually had to think a little while for this one, because I actually don’t own many books with simple covers! So I’ll go with Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell!. I love that mint colour with the pink lettering!


4. Best endpages

NEVERNIGHT by Jay Kristoff WINS – this is my current read and I’m in love with how beautiful this book is! This book honestly screams the word aesthetic!


5. Best map

NEVERNIGHT WINS AGAIN! This book actually has two maps!


6. Best naked hardback

I actually don’t own that many hardbacks (just to point that out) – so NEVERNIGHT WINS for the third time! (I ain’t even sorry about this) – but just LOOK AT THE BOOK! The reflective-looking raven is gorgeous right? It’s a beauty!


7. Best back cover

This one is easy – The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson! Cute dogs and puppies – what could be better?


8. Best chapter headers

When I first started reading Shadow and Bone (book 1 of Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha Trilogy) – I have found my favourite chapter headers! Just look at it? How beautiful is the graphic? It has got Russian/royalty vibes which made it even better!


9. Best illustrations

Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff wins this one! There are so many stunning images and at times hilarious illustrations which I ADORE! If you haven’t read the Illuminae Files yet, I suggest that you do! (OBSIDIO NEEDS TO COME ASAP!)

tumblr_oldn3nSBIc1up7o3oo1_500(image is from Tumblr)

10. Best spine

The Traitor’s Kiss has the most beautiful and unique spine. [You can fight me on this.]


11. Favorite cover on your shelves

Wrapping up this amazing tag feature my favourite book: The Raven Boys by none other than Queen Maggie Stiefvater! This cover is forever my love.


Honourable mentions:

That’s it for today guys! Hope you enjoyed my post! Feel like doing this tag? I TAG YOU! xx


15 thoughts on “The Aesthetically Pleasing Book Tag

  1. I really want to do this tag now! I am so in love with the font on Six of Crows and Fangirl’s cover. Nevernight does have a really gorgeous map, but my favorite is the map of the Grisha world and of Ketterdam in CK. And of course, the chapter headers in the Grisha trilogy are actually the most beautiful things ever.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yay! Please do it! I TAG YOU!!!!! I want to see your answers too! The Grisha and Ketterdam maps are indeed very pretty! (I have both of them on my wall haha!) Leigh Bardugo’s books have the prettiest designs right?!!!


  2. These are all so gorgeous! Leigh Bardugo’s books are always stunning inside and out! And yassss I’m so happy you are in love with the aesthetic that is Nevernight! It’s just too perfect 😍 and I kind of love that its spine is just empty naked 😆
    Also I will have you know that I just ordered The Traitor’s Kiss and it’s because of you 😂
    Ahhh ERMEGERD I am so excited for Obsidio toooooo 😱

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Esther! I’m only a few chapters into Nevernight and I’m HOOKED!!!! And it’s such a pretty book right?! OMG YAY! I hope you enjoy the Traitor’s Kiss! (it makes me so happy to hear that you want to read this book because of me – I’m honoured >_<!) 2018 needs to hurry up so we can read OBSIDIO! (it's gonna be so epic I can't wait!)

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