Q & A Time!

Heyo guys! So this is a Q & A post to sort of low-key celebrate my bookstagram reaching 2k followers (yay!!). If you are here but don’t know about my bookstagram (which is unlikely) you can check it out here.

Please allow me to be sappy and say once again that I’m really glad to have met all of you guys on bookstagram and (even though I hate Instagram’s algorithm) I love you guys for your support and your comments and for sticking along with me 😀

I’ve put these questions all into categories so you can just skip to whatever you’re interested about!

Categories in order: Books & Bookstagram // Med School // Life


Books & Bookstagram

Q: Favourite author?
Beca @lxnelyb

  • I knew someone is gonna ask this one… ok I have a few
    • Cassandra Clare – The Shadowhunter World means EVERYTHING to me. The characters, the runes, the world building – literally everything. I adore Cassie’s writing – so “heartbreakingly beautiful and soul crushing yet so brilliant that it melts your heart” good  (no I ain’t exaggerating). City of Bones from The Mortal Instruments is the first book that really truly got me hooked into reading (I read them before Harry Potter – shocker I know).
    • Leigh Bardugo – I’ve only started reading Leigh’s books last year (another shocker – sorry), Six of Crows being the first –  I immediately fell in love with the intense, intricate writing style. I love pretty much ALL her characters (especially the 2 particularly troubled boys that likes to wear black). Her Grishaverse books (Six of Crows Duology and Grisha Trilogy) simply blew me out the window.
  • Honourable mentions – Maggie Stiefvater (She would be my fav too if I read more of her books) Sarah J. Maas (She would too if she doesn’t make me wanna die/hibernate until her next books comes out).

Q: Any book recommendations?
Beca @lxnelyb

  • I DO!!!! There are quite a few that I think deserves many more readers! I’ve linked their Goodreads page so please go check them out!
    • The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater (If you have been following me on my instagram you would know my obsession with The Raven Cycle series, like c’mon my dudes, go read it!! I even wrote a blogpost on why you should)
    • This Is Our Story by Ashley Elston (I love the suspense and mystery in this novel – this kept me up at night till 2am to finish it and oh my – this is by far the best book I’ve read this year!)
    • A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray (the Firebird Trilogy is so so good – there is multiple dimensions and yet they are all so well developed and detailed – the romance is also top quality)
    • The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye (Like The Night Circus? Like Russian History? Like to pull some human emotions in ya? Read it and you can fangirl/fanboy with me)

Q: Book characters that you each want to kiss, kill and marry?
Hem @faeofnightcourt

Aww this is gonna be hard… (Hem why you do this to me poor soul)

  • Kiss: The Darkling (I would have said either Julian Blackthorn/Will Herondale, but little Aleksander needs more love so…)
  • Marry: Richard Gansey III (I’m looking out for my Gansey but no luck so far)
  • Kill: Nathaniel Gray (without a doubt)

Q: Favorite bad ass female characters?
Alex @thebookadvocate

  • Love this question! I’m glad you asked!
    • Blue Sargent from The Raven Cycle
    • Emma Carstairs from The Dark Artifices
    • Inej Ghafa from Six of Crows
    • Nina Zenik from Six of Crows
    • Isabelle Lightwood from The Moral Instruments
    • Aelin Ashryver Aalathynius from Throne of Glass

Q: What got you started as a reader?
Alex @thebookadvocate

  • City of Bones (found it in my local library – it was misplaced in the cookbook section so I took a look at it and yeah!)
  • The Hunger Games (my cousin recommend this book to me)

Q: Where do you find inspiration for your bookstagram?
Alex @thebookadvocate

  • (I used to post pre-planned and heavily styled flatlay photos – they were inspired by the many beautiful bookstagrammers out there (I just don’t have the time anymore to do detailed layout shoots which is why I started my minimalist theme and I really like it!)
  • For my current theme I find some inspiration from @thebibliotheque’s bookstagram (it’s really amazing you should check it out!)
  • Ummm… and maybe on Tumblr and Pinterest? – most of the time I just post random photos that I think look good in my feed lmao XD

Q: How did you start bookstagram? What inspired you to make one?
Noura @theperksofbeingnoura

  • It sort of started when my brother got me a copy of Lady Midnight for my birthday, and I want to show it off on my back-then personal instagram.
  • And my “explore” page started showing these bookish photos and I was like “Ah cool stuff!” and I officially started my bookstagram a few months later down the track.
  • It all just came to me – “there are so many like-minded people!”, “omg I’ve read this too!” and it all just sort of happened haha!
  • I was never on any social media prior to last year so it was all very exciting to me when first started it! My love for books obviously was a huge factor.

Q: What’s the oldest book on yore shelf and it’s story?
Emily @abookishadventurer

  • I received some second hand books from my friend about a week ago (since she’s moving out and can’t take her books with her so she let me have them). Some of them are pretty old (older than all the ones I own anyways haha!)

Q: A series or book that everyone has read but you have not or don’t want to read?
Hem @faeofnightcourt

  • Ok, I’ll have to say the Lunar Chronicles – I honestly really do want to read them but I just never got time to get around it (*chuckles* says a person who binge watched 9 episodes of Prison Break in a day lmao). I don’t really know why I haven’t because I’ve heard heaps of great things about this series (and apparently Cress is everyone’s favourite – well the people I know anyways) so yeah! But I’ll hopefully get to pick up Cinder during my long break!

Med School

Q: What’s the reason you wanted to do med school?
(Lisa @noahjace_94)

  • The honest version is that in high school I really enjoyed learning about the human body, and chemistry involving a pharmacology module, I found medicine very appealing to me. I also did work experience in the local hospital and it just made me want to become a doctor even more.
  • The more suck-up version is that I want to practice in rural areas in Australia once I graduate and help people and do my best to make them feel better etc.
  • The practical version is that it’s a very steady job in Australia and there are many opportunities to work overseas (England I’m looking at you!) and I will never have to worry about being hungry or not being able to pay rent etc., which sounds pretty damn good to me (my current status: very broke uni student)


Q: Celeb crush?
Beca @lxnelyb

  • Dylan O’Brien (ah gosh)
  • Theo James (like c’mon all girls who refuse to say they have a crush on Theo is lying)
  • Logan Lerman (his eyes oml)

Q: Do you watch any tv shows? If so, what?
Beca @lxnelyb

  • I’m glad you asked!
    • Riverdale – BECAUSE COLE SPROUSE IS JUGHEAD and Juggy is my precious little bean – no one hurt him or else I’ll flip and people will get hurt.
    • Prison Break – I’ve literally only started this two days ago – it’s honestly the worst time to be hooked onto a TV show because assignments are piling in right now (but ah well, it’s bound to happen anyway) – THIS SHOW IS SO SO GOOD! The guy is so smart and super good looking gosh I simply love it.
  • That’s about it – I also used to watch Shadowhunters – only for Malec and Simon Lewis, nothing else. I’ll see if I want to continue with the new season…

Thank you so much for reading guys! I’ll have a review for you next time so keep and eye out! Happy Reading! xx


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