Review: Frostbeard Studio Candles

Hey guys! Today I wanna show you some new candles I got from Frostbeard Studio! I have been waiting for AGES to order from them, but shipping anything from the States to Australia always costs a limb or two – but thankfully I got them through a 20% off sale (so I keep telling myself that I saved heaps of money lol). Read on if you wanna have a better look at what I got!

This is the package I got:


The shipping was so quick it was shipped 4 days after I placed my order online. And took only one and a half week to arrive (according to shipping updates, my candles have been to Tokyo and Dubai).

The packaging was really nice and I adore the addition of the cutest “thank you” note. AND THERE IS A STICKER!!!


Okay – here it goes: the actual candles themselves wrapped in pretty blue tissue papers:




Candle No. 1 – Reading At the Cafe

Scent: Roasted Coffee and Chocolate Pastry
Strength: Medium/Strong

Can I simply say….. YUMMMM! Like honestly, you can’t go wrong with this candle if you love either chocolate or coffee because it smells SO AMAZING!!!! I simply leave the lid of the candle open in my room and it already does the magic – imagine lighting it! I want to literally use a spoon and eat the candle like a small tub of ice cream (well. you get what I mean).

Candle No. 2 – Oxford Library
Scent: Oakmoss, Amber, Sandalwood, Leather
Strength: Strong

This one is REAL sexy. Like a really fresh (did I mention sexy?) men cologne that is simply too hard to resist! It was a bit sharper then I expected it to be, but it is after all listed “strong” in the strength level section. So, I don’t really mind it at all! As a medical student who loves studying in a library (and can only dream of going to the actual Oxford Library) – this one will do the trick and will perhaps keep me up at night with its strong leathery scent.

Candle No. 3 – Divination Classroom
Scent: Dragon’s Blood, Bergamot, Frankincense and Myrrh
Strength: Mild

Of course I’m gonna get a Harry Potter themed candle if given the opportunity! I had to choose between Headmaster’s Office and this one – I chose this one because of its unusual scents: Frankincense, Myrrh and Dragon’s Blood (now we’re talking). It’s a really particular scent – which I surprisingly ADORE! The bergamot is definitely there so I suggest if you don’t like tea, this is not the candle for you, but if you LOVE tea, then THIS IS IT! It also  gives off a darkish, mysterious vibe and actually reminds me of 300 Foxway from The Raven Cycle (aka a house full of psychics meaning herbal teas and incense). Guess who’s lighting this candle when studying for the most boring subject!


So here you go – my review for Frostbeard Studio! Hope you enjoy this! See ya next week! xx


One thought on “Review: Frostbeard Studio Candles

  1. I have always wanted to try a candle from Frostbeard! But I personally love the packaging of other candle companies a little more. But all these scents sound super amazing so I might have to try them after all haha!

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