13 Reasons You Should Read The Raven Boys

If you have been following my Instagram account, you would know that I post weekly about an amazing YA book series called The Raven Cycle, written by Maggie Stiefvater. It is my top favourite series (alongside with The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare) – seriously though, these books are my life.

I personally won’t call The Raven Cycle ‘under-hyped’ as I’ve seen many bookish merchandise based on these books. BUT, not many people I know have read it or finished the series. I believe these books deserve much more notice and a way larger fanbase.

So, if you haven’t read/finish this series – you are at the right place! I have a million reasons to persuade you to do so – but thankfully, I’ve narrowed it down to 13 😉 So here we go:


  1. Our main girl Blue is cool AF.
    Blue Sargent is an opinionated, unique, sarcastic and independent feminist – reading from her perspective always gets me cracking. She doesn’t buy new fancy clothes, she MAKES her own fancy clothes. [Yours Truly also recently cut her hair to match Blue’s.] She is literally the fashion icon.
  2. Rich, Handsome Aglionby Boys.
    C’mon, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like reading about cute boys that go to a private school (aka Aglionby) and wear expensive (and adorable) uniform that includes a sweater? Oh, and don’t forget the chinos and dress shirts.
  3. Rich, Handsome Boys that drives SEXY CARS.
    Yup you heard me. Cars. The way Maggie describes the luxurious cars (which the Aglionby boys drive) is something out of the world – Maggie somehow managed to write about them like they are real sexy beings and alive with personalities. BMW, Audi, Peugeot, Chevrolet, Lexus.. you name it. I wasn’t someone who pay much attention to cars until after these books.
  4. The line “A kiss that kills true love” sounds super cliche – but nah mate.
    Like honestly, if cliche is the reason that makes you not want to read it – trust me, it’s not! It’s really anything but that. (You’ll thank me later)
  5. This book is centred on an awesome quest that involves even more awesome transportations.
    If high end sports cars aren’t enough for you – how about helicopters?
  6. Ronan Lynch. And Richard Gansey III.
    Enough said. See reason no. 7 and no. 10.
  7. This:
    “Gansey rubbed his chin, rueful. His skin felt reluctantly stubbled. He knew he was being diverted, but he allowed it. “Is it growing?”
    “Dude, you aren’t really going to do that beard thing, are you? I thought you were joking. You know that stopped being cool in the fourteen century or whenever it was that Paul Bunyan lived.” Ronan looked over his shoulder at him. He was sporting the five o’clock shadow that he was capable of growing at any time of the day. “Just stop. You look mangy.”
    “It’s irrelevant. It’s not growing. I’m doomed to be a man-child.”
    “If you keep saying things like ‘man-child,’ we’re done,” Ronan said. “Hey, man. Don’t let it get you down. Once your balls drop, that beard’ll come in great. Like a fucking rug. You eat soup, it’ll filter out the potatoes. Terrier style. Do you have hair on your legs? I’ve never noticed””
  8. The romance is adorable.
    Okay, this is not a spoiler but this book got me giggling most of the time – mainly because of the little things that the characters do – such as asking for numbers, calling using the telephone and sending flowers. Like c’mon, that stuff is the gold.
    Every single character in the squad is so unique and extreme – yet somehow they all gel together and becomes one of the ultimate book squads which I totally admire.
  10. And this.
    “From the passenger seat, Ronan began to swear at Adam. It was a long, involved swear, using every forbidden word possible, often in compound-word form. As Adam stared at his lap, penitent, he mused that there was something musical about Ronan when he swore, a careful and loving precision to the way he fit the words together, a black-painted poetry. It was far less hateful sounding than when he didn’t swear.” 
  11. The Atmosphere
    Maggie is one of the authors best known for their masterful skill at world-building. Trust me that you’ll be transported right into Henrietta with the Raven Gang the entire time you’re reading these books. Light a candle while you’re at it if you feel like being extra.
  12. The focus on all sorts of relationships
    Friends, strangers, family, BROTHERS, teachers, dreamers, artefacts collectors, ghosts, assassins, you name it.

Aaaaand there you have it. Thanks for coming to my TED talk. I know it’s not very comprehensive but if I have to continue, we’ll be here forever! I hope you will give The Raven Boys a try! Happy Reading!!!!


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