In a Blink of an Eye…

So… I found out that I only have 2 more days of freedom until med school kicks back in. Not that I dislike studying that much to the point I hate  – but I truly enjoyed having absolutely nothing to do but to spend all my time reading (my ever growing TBR pile). Not that I’m ever going to stop reading – but I will have to pace myself back a little.

In the last post (exactly one month ago), I wrote that I want to finish 13 books in July – well, I’m only three books away (Queen of Shadows, ACOMAF and Gone Girl). Although I doubt I’ll finish them all in one week before hitting August, I plan to finish ACOMAF (since every one, I mean EVERYONE is talking about it) by the end of July. And push Queen of Shadows back to study break in two months time and finish it before the extremely highly anticipated release of Empire of Storms in November. Who is excited about that???

Okay, so now the books I’ve read:

1) A Thousand Pieces of You

I really love the way science and cultures cleverly intertwined in the story line – oh and the romance too. It’s a non-stopping roller-coaster journey from the start to finish. There are plot twists that were quite unexpected (in my opinion). The unique concept of ‘universe jumping’ and striking technology really got me hooked to this thrilling book. I finished this book in one day – that’s how good it was ok, I’m gonna leave it there.

IMG_3998    IMG_3947

2) Illuminae

This book was not on my July TBR, but I gave it because it appeared at my local library – and wow!!! This book blew me away! The way it was written blew me away – it was so creative and insightful! I particularly enjoyed the IMs between characters. Although it took me a while to figure out what the heck was going on – but when I (finally) got it, I was like whoa man back off! I was quite sad at the end – but BAM! Sci-Fi fans – this is definitely for you! #keenforGemina (The YA Chronicles are putting together a signed copy Gemina Book Box – I’m sure contemplating here).

3) A Court of Thorns and Roses

ACOTAR started a tad bit too slow for my liking. But it ended up getting so intense I had to stop to sleep and finished the next night. The plot is good, don’t get me wrong – I enjoyed reading about the Fae and Tamlin very much. But to have known that everyone is talking how great Rhysand is – I didn’t find myself enjoy the romance in this book as I would have. Maas like to write in the “Reverse Harem” style – where lots of guys flaunt over the one girl. I like it in anime, but for books – I don’t really know. Like how she did so for the Throne of Glass series – new guy for every book. I hate seeing my own ship sink that’s all haha. I’m hoping to read ACOMAF and find out if it’s worth swooning for.

IMG_3614    IMG_3709

4) Throne of Glass

Where do I even start about TOG series? I finished The Assassin’s Blade today and hope to begin Queen of Shadows later in the coming months. Celaena is such a badass and I probably will hear those quirky, one-of-a-kind remarks coming of my mouth very soon. My OTP (as of today) include Celaena and Chaol – he is such a sweetheart seriously – I mean he’s only doing his job! People need to stop blaming him for the betrayal that led to the death of people. At the end of Crown of Midnight – Celaena told him”I’ll always choose you” – that was all I needed to get me through my lil heartbreak (although I would have shouted ‘I love you too’ back to Chaol so loud that the sound waves shook the earth). I’m dying to read Queen of Shadows – I hope to find some time to start early during the coming weeks.

5) The Raven Cycle

O. MY. GOOOOOD. Just HOW AMAZINGLY FABULOUS was the entire series! I love the books so much that I bought a TRC-relevant laptop sleeve from Society6 before I even buy a laptop (which I’m still yet to buy haha). The series explored the human psyche to a whole new level in YA literature – the supernatural world, human relationships and the afterlife. It took me a blink of an eye before claiming TRC one of my favourite series of all time. This series also has two of my favourite OTPs – Ronan and Adam (insert heart-eyes emoji) and Gansey and Blue  (insert even more heart-eyes emojis).  I am also begging my parents to let me get a orange car – just because.


I think I’m going to write a post fortnightly because it’s quite time consuming to write a blog post while you try to juggle 2 written assessments. But I hope you enjoy this post and don’t forget to like and cote (Comment + vOTE)!! xxx

Have an amazing weekend lovely people!


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