Books and Vacation!

Hello and welcome to my new blog! The first week of semester break has officially started and I’ve finally finished reading Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare (and no I’m not okay, and more about that later). So now that I have all the free time, here’s what I hope to finish reading during the break:

The Raven Cycle series (nearly done with the Raven Boys >_<)
Throne of Glass series
A Court of Thorns and Roses series
Gone Girl
A Thousand Pieces of You

I think I’ll stop it there, I really need to get my TBR pile out of the way because it has been bugging me for a while haha 5 months actually.

*Deep breath* Okay, now Lady Midnight. I know I’m so behind at this and everyone has already talked about it but IT IS FREAKING AMAZING! I swear Cassie Clare will be the death of me. I love how the whole relationship between Emma Carstairs and Julian Blacktorn, I mean who doesn’t love them? The whole Parabatai complex is so beautifully illustrated in the chapters and I can’t ask for more.


What do you think of Mark Blackthorn and Kieran? I really love how Mark converse with his siblings, his Faerie charm, it’s so dramatic sometimes I know but I found it equally mesmerising. What do you think about Cristina and the Perfect Diego? It aches my heart to see Mark at the end of the book at the “room scene”, why did you do this to me Cassie! And there’s the Blackthorn kids, TyLivvyDruandTavvy. They’re all such sweet kids and I love them all! I need Lord of Shadows to be here NOW!

Alright, since I’m on holidays, let’s talk about something that’s not Medicine. So this weekend I’ll be on vacation up the north of Queensland – I seriously can’t wait! I’ll probably bring my borrowed Raven Cycle books up with me 🙂


I hope you enjoy this post because it’s my first ever blog post! I’ll try to keep my post short, sweet and fun so hope you stick around for more! Let me know what you think! Have a good week! x


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